Burned by Design LTD

Themed outdoor wood burners and fire pits fabricated on the outskirts of the UK's steel city.

Brighten up your outdoor space with one of Burned by Designs outdoor wood burners. These fun, themed fires, designed by award winning designer Alex Dodson are sure to be the talking point of any social get together.

Each themed burner is hand made to order and starts life as a 12.5KG LPG cylinder which are imported and unused.
The cylinder forms the main fire chamber, these are then cut and crafted into your chosen design. Finished with Ultra High Temperature clear coat or stove black.

All design commissions will be considered, please get in touch via Private Message or using the Contact Us tab at www.burnedbydesign.com.

For all international customers, hopefully this will answer all your pricing questions.
Prices are in UK pounds, please use google to calculate exchange rates if currency is not listed.


Vader UK £329 US $396 Euro €374 Australia $530
Boba Fett UK £329 US $396 Euro €374 Australia $530
Storm Trooper UK £329 US $396 Euro €374 Australia $530
Ironman UK £329 US $396 Euro €374 Australia $530
Batman UK £329 US $396 Euro €374 Australia $530
Ultron UK £329 US $396 Euro €374 Australia $530
R2D2 UK £390 US £470 Euro €443 Australia $629
Witch King UK £280 US $337 Euro €318 Australia $451
Spartan. UK £290 US $349 Euro €329 Australia $467
Predator UK £490 US $590 Euro €557 Australia $789
Alien Xenomorph UK £560 US $682 Euro €620 Australia $897
Dragon UK £529 US $637 Euro €601 Australia $853
BB8 UK £569 US $686 Euro €647 Australia $917
Death Star small UK £600 US $735 Euro €705 Australia $1016
Death Star 800 UK £1200 US $1468 Euro €1410 Australia $2032
Dive Helmet UK £440 US $534 Euro €487 Australia $704
Optimus Prime Uk £429 US $516 Euro €489 Australia $691
Cyberman UK £350 US $425 Euro €387 Australia $560
Samurai. UK £480 US $584 Euro €532 Australia $679
Custom Designs UK £420/500+ US $547+ Euro €499+ Austalia $720+

All UK and European orders are subject to flat rate VAT at 7%

All international shipping is via a 3 day airmail, import duty and taxes are may be incurred and you should check before ordering.


UK shipping £30 - £60
U.S.A. & CA £125 - £155 $190+ US
Australia £175 - £250 $377+ AU
Europe £30 - £80 €64+


Current lead time is approx 20 weeks once a deposit has been placed.


A £50 deposit per item is required to confirm your order (£50 UK Pounds only)
The remaining balance is due before your items are shipped.
For custom designs the full balance is due before work starts on your design.


Please Private Message on Facebook or the Contact Us tab on our website www.burnedbydesign.com


Burned by Design does not promote or condone the cutting up or modification LPG cylinders and under no circumstances should this be tried at home. UK LPG cylinders remain the property of the company for the entirety of there life and once empty should be returned. Our bottles are made especially for our products.

Burned by Design LTD

Themed wood burners & fire pits, hand crafted on outskirts of the UK's steel city



Email: info@burnedbydesign.com